New Year Greetings - Posted by Biscuits on 2004-12-27
Happy New Year! Everyone!

Witch Hunter Robin dot com now has a new logo and a more refreshing layout. I hope you guys like it. :)

We added more Episode Summaries and several New Spoilers. Enjoy!


Website Related Announcement - Posted by Biscuits on 2004-08-16
2 new winamp skins, 2 new wallpapers

Our icon gallery is currently saved in .ico formats, unless you manually convert it into .jpg or .gif, it will not work with instant messagers. We are working on correcting that but for now, you will have to do the conversion youself. :)

Website Related Announcement - Posted by Biscuits on 2004-07-12
New stuffs: wallpapers, winamp skins and buddy icons.

  • Extend your arms and give a big hug to the newest members of's development team: AStoryAtThree89 and Nicholas Petry!
  • First day on the job, Nicholas made us Witch Hunter Robin buddy icons, a neat winamp skin and a wallpaper, enjoy!
  • AStoryAtThree89 will be in charge of reviewing submitted spoilers and episode summaries.
  • Let's wish both of these new team members good luck!
Website Related Announcement - Posted by AStoryAtThree89 on 2004-07-11
All of the Spoilers and Summaries have been reviewed and made up to date.
Website Related Announcement - Posted by Tomato on 2004-06-26
Looking for Witch Hunter Robin images?

Six brand new individual character galleries have been added into the Image Gallery section including a special Amon and Robin Couple Gallery. Enjoy! :)

We're working on Witch Hunter Robin's wallpapers too, stay tuned, fans.

Website Related Announcement - Posted by Tomato on 2004-06-23
Episode 12 screencap now posted.

Credits goes to new site admin: bubblytea.

Website Related Announcement - Posted by Tomato on 2004-06-11
More screencaps now available.

We just put up the screencaps for the first four episodes. In addition,'s newest head admin, bubblytea, is working to get us the other four episodes we're currently missing, pretty soon, we will have screencaps for all the episodes. :)

Public Announcement - Posted by OhHar on 2004-01-21
Live Action Witch Hunter Robin!

Sunrise has just signed a contract to do a remake of Witch Hunter Robin in live action!

Public Announcement - Posted by OhHar on 2001-10-04
Witch Hunter Robin Coming to Adult Swim!

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has announced that Witch Hunter Swim will be airing on AS starting Feb. 16th at midnight and 3am. Witch Hunter Robin will be on Monday - Thursday. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders. Powered by Buzz5. Affiliates
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