NameRobin Sena
PersonalityQuiet and kind.
WeaponThe ability to control fire.
First Appeared InEnd of 1st episode.
DescriptionDespite her young age and her innocent look, Robin is a very, VERY powerful witch. She has powers to control fires and can be claimed as the most powerful witch presented in the series.

Robin's eye sight worsens when she uses her powers, so in order to obtain accurate aims, she later wore glasses during missions.

Robin was born in Japan and raised in a European Monastery. She's a very neat person and doesn't mind doing houseworks, since she's used to them at the Monastery.

Robin did not discover her true identity and the immense amount of power inside of her until later in the series. We see her characer develop throughout the series as she gets closer and closer to the truth of the "witch race".

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