NameMichael Lee
AgeUnknown, estimated: 18 - 24
PersonalityFun, humours, easy going.
Special FeatureLoves to chew on snacks: potato chips, donuts, etc.
DescriptionMichael's the "brain" of STNJ. He traces and locates the target's background and locations. The rest of the members go on missions based on the information provided by Michael.

To describe Michael as a regular STNJ employee is slightly inappropriate, Michael is more like a prisoner captured by STNJ.

A few years ago, Michael was having fun hacking into STNJ's computer database. Unfortunately, the playboy didn't understand the risks and consequences associated into hacking into such a secret organization. He was soon captured and arrested. In order to redeem his "sin", Michael has been locked into the STNJ office. In other words, he traded his freedom for his life. The necklace on Michael's neck is a monitor device that ensures he stays inside the office.

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