Episode 1 - Replacement Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 1 - Replacement. Written by Dark Depressed Dreamer
Karasuma, Sakaki, and Amon are hunting a witch. You get Micheal talking on this walkie-talkie to Sakaki and Karasuma. Then you get a scene of the witch, running, and a shadow, which is Amon, silently following. The witch gets cornered onto a building. He yells "Bastard!" at Amon, and uses his power. The orbo glows, and of course, protects Amon, and then the which is shocked. He just says, "Are you... what they call, a witch hunter?!" Amon looks him in the eye. You see a scene of the building in a faraway angle, and you hear gun shots. Robin is introduced. Well, not really introduced outright. She was shy, and quiet, and she kept on asking people like Zaizen, Harry, and Doujima where she was supposed to go. I didn't really understand this part, because I kinda thought Doujima and Robin looked like siblings... and Zaizen just scared me. After all the introducing, and talking, they are informed of a witch lurking in a shut-down warehouse. When Robin goes alone in a corner, she sees the sign of the craft, with one little part ruined. Turns out Sakaki and Amon had stepped on these, and the witch was, umm, TORCHERING them, making them fall, and paralized, such and such. Since Robin didn't step on the sign, she was not controlled, and she had broke the connection of the control, and surronded him in fire. Amon and Sakaki stands up, while Karasuma just came into the picture. They take turns shooting the witch, while Robin's fire is burning everything up. The next scene is firemen putting out Robin's fire. Sakaki and Karasuma are glad that it was a successful mission, but Amon is a bit unhappy. He walks over to Robin, as she looks at him. He doesn't meet her gaze, and just says, "Next time, try being more careful with your little magic. It's a big pain to put out fires..." Fades to credits.

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Episode Summary for Episode 1 - Replacement. Written by Robin
In the first episode of the series,The STNJ is waiting for a replacement.You see the Replacement(Robin)stepping out of the cab she was in.Robin goes in the office and tells the guy there that she is here to talk to Amon.The guy calls up to the office to get Amon down and to talk to Robin.When he calls Chief Kosaka,answers the phone,he gets mad because he is doing something important about the witch the team is hunting down.The guy hangs up and tells Robin that Amon is busy right now.So Robin says that she'll be right back,the guy tells her to go to a coffee shop named'Master Harry's'Robin goes over to get a coppucino.The scene changes to Amon and the Zaizen(the one in charege of everything),Zaizen is telling Amon that there is going to be a new replacement.Amon is shocked,he asks him why?after what happen the last time.Zaizen recieves a call,Chief Kosaka tells him that the new replacement came but that Chief Kosaka had told her to leave.Zaizen ends up going to 'Master Harry's to find Robin himself while the other members go to where the witch they been hunting is.Amon and Sakaki go in first.Amon tells Sakaki to be alert.As they are running around the warehouse looking for the witch Sakaki steps on a witch symbol that was on the floor.Then you see the withc touching the ground as he does Sakaki trips over,Amon goes to see if he is alright,he is but then it happens again.Sakaki tells Amon that it is the witch and that the orbo doesnt work.Amon goes to find the witch.(scene changes to Robin and Zaizen as well as Dojima standing in front of the warehouse)Robin goes in and sees the symbol on the ground,she goes down on the ground and starts sniffing and Dojima is like 'What are you doing?'but Zaizen inturruptsn her in the middle and tells her to see how a real user of the craft does it.(Scene changes)Amon finds the witch and is about to shoot him with his gun but the witch touches the ground with his fingers and Amon falls.Robin comes inthe scene and tells the witch that she has rewritten the symbol and that this is her territori now.The witch trys to do something but Robin uses her fire,The witch is about to attack Robin,(which is on the floor right now)but then the witch is surrounded by Amon,Sakaki,and Karasuma.The three of them shoot the witch with orbo bullets and he falls to the ground.Amon then tells Robin to aim more sufficiently because taking out fires is a pain.Robin just looks at him first with a surprised face and then a serious look.At the end Robin becomes Amon's partner.

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Episode Summary for Episode 1 - Replacement. Written by Joy Lee
There is this girl named Robin and she has come to replace someone and she has the ability to make fire with her eyes.Anyways,she goes to this company named "snju" or something and first when she gets there she is waiting on the first floor but they tell her to come back later.Then she looks around the city for a while.Back at the company the other hunters (sakaki,amon,and karasuma) were tired of waiting for Robin that they started the hunt without her.When they go against the witch(he has the power of telecaneeses) the witch was winning but then Robin came and helped but there was another person that was in the plan with the first bad guy...luckly Robin was there to help fix it......

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Episode Summary for Episode 1 - Replacement. Written by Artorius
The STNJ is an organization that catches witches.After the hunt everyone came to a meeting.Michael found out that the captured Witch had a partner.After the meeting the hunters have learned that a replacement is coming to help the STNJ.Amon was surprise after hearing the replacement is a craft-user.Amon and Sakaki went on a hunt for the Witche's partner and Dojima was going to find the replacement.

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Episode Summary for Episode 1 - Replacement. Written by Zander414
This episode is baseicly used to set up the plot for the series. In this episode we learn about the main characters and about the stnj which is an orginization that specializes in catching witches. The stnj is waiting for a replacement named Robin. After Robin does not show up after a while the other hunters ( Amon, Karasuma, Sakaki) decide to go on a hunt without her. They encounter a witch who has the power to move and controll objects without touching them. The witch has the upperhand until Robin appears and defeats him useing her power to controll fire.

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Episode Summary for Episode 1 - Replacement. Written by Alexandria Gray
In the first episode of Witch Hunter Robin a Girl with a strange power to controle fire apears in the country of Japan from over seas. She is now working for the company known as the STNJ. The STNJ is a group of people with or without powers hunting down beings known as witches. Now you maybe thinking why aren't they hunting Robin sence she has powers too? Well Robin is known as a craft user. In other words a witch who has been givin the oportunity to hunt other witches from miss useing there powers. Her partner is supposivly suppose to be Amon. Though in the first episode Amon some what looks down on Robin for some unknown reason. Will they end up being good partners in the furture or will they continue to be some what of enimies.

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Episode Summary for Episode 1 - Replacement. Written by WHR
This episode opens up with a wild chase scene where Karasuma and Amon are trying to capture a witch. Eventually, Amon cornered the witch on top of a building and finished the mission successfully.

The next day, a new STNJ member arrived. She wore all black and seemed very mysterious. This girl is Robin Sena.

Robin met the crew. Later that night, she went on her very first mission. The targeted witch hid in a warehouse. Amon and the others found the witch but couldn't capture the target. At this time, Robin showed up and confronted the witch. This is the first time we see Robin attack with her fire power.

The mission was completed successfully. Amon, on the other hand, was rather disappointed with his new partner - Robin. He advised Robin to be more careful on future missions since the destruction caused by her fires were difficult to repair.

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