Episode 10 - Separate Lives Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Separate Lives. Written by Kiori
Robin and Dojima are working as waitresses at Harry's.The STN-J is keeping surveillance on Harry's, looking for a witch, who is in fact, Harry's son. He left Japan two years ago, and was working in America as a hit-man, but they believe he has returned to Japan recently. Watching the surveillance tapes, stn notices a pattern: every day for a week, the same man has been waiting in the resturant, but one day, he leaves early, brushing past a man coming on his way in. After dismissing Robing and Dojima for the day, Harry goes to talk to his son. Harry betrayed his son to the STN-J, and for a while, hatred toward his father was all that kept him going. Eventually, he couldnt' keep hating him. And he came home, even though it cost him his life. The organization he was in didn't accept betrayal. And by coming home, he betrayed them. The man he brushed past on the way in mortally wounded him. He dies, but not before relating how his power is only good to kill. He asks his father to forgive him. His father sais that he was not afraid of his son. He was afraid he could become the same thing. And that he had no right to call himself a father.

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Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Separate Lives. Written by Zander414
The episode starts with Robin and Doujima working as waitresses at Harrys bar. Security cameras are set up throughout the bar because recently a man suspected to be a witch had enterd the bar. Robin asks Michael if there were any updates and he says no. Then a man enters the bar and says to the bartender " so you finally decided to hire waitresses". Next the chief of the stnj enters and yells at Robin and Doujima for slacking off. Then the suspected witch enters his name is Takano and he has been on the stnj has been after him for 2 years. During that time he had went to America to be an assasin of some sort but now he has secretly snuck back into Japan. Everyone leaves except Harry and Yutaka. Harry asks if he is still mad. Yutaka says yes and that he wants to kill him now that hes back in Japan. Then he has a sudden change of heart and shows Harry a wound. Harry talks about how he liked to think of his son as normal but his powers were to much to controll. Yutaka agrees and dies in Harrys arms. Robin comes and talks to Harry and Harry says " Yes but after all these years he is still my son" then it fades to credits

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Episode Summary for Episode 10 - Separate Lives. Written by danielle minnerly
Robin picks away at ice at Harry?s bar. She?s dressed in a skimpy waitress? outfit. Doujima is also apparently helping out. At headquarters, Michael is checking up on surveillance at the bar. Karasuma asks how things are going. Nothing yet. A man walks in and is caught on surveillance. His height and weight match the ones they were sent. The man is Takano. He notices that Robin and Doujima are staring at him and asks the bartender if he?s finally hired waitresses. As Robin and Doujima sit bored out of their minds for the lack of customers at Harry?s, chief Kosaka enters, incredibly angry that they are slacking off. Harry informs him that they weren?t neglecting their duties, but are just taking a break. Amon asks Michael what time the suspicious man (Takano) came in at Harry?s last night. 9:30. Amon watches the tape a couple of times and notices a man turn around as soon as Takano entered. He had the same build as Yutaka Kobari, the man they?ve been looking for, so it appears that there may be others looking for Yutaka Kobari besides them. Yutaka Kobari became STN-J?s target about 2 years ago when he was identified as a witch. The informer was Harry?s owner. He was betrayed by his own father. He escaped from STN-J and disappeared to America, where he joined an organization to become an assassin. About 8 days ago, Headquarters informed STN-J that he had returned secretly to Japan. Amon calls Robin?s roommate, Touko-san. He is lonely and is thinking of her. She thinks it is weird that he would call and say such things. He tells her that it?s best for them not to see each other. She wondered when he would say that. Michael informs the others that the suspect is leaving. Harry lets everyone go home. He then confronts Yutaka Kobari, who has pretended to be sleeping. At STN-J Headquarters, Michael informs Amon that the man left quite early today and that the others went home. Amon demands to see the videotape. Harry asks Yutaka if he still has a grudge against him. He says yes. He didn?t like being treated like a stranger and then abandoned because he had special powers. He wanted to kill him when he returned to Japan. But it was different when he returned. Harry confesses that he tried to think of his son as a normal human being, but his power was too great to control. He had to break the spell that runs in his veins. Yutaka understands. His power can only be used to kill. He received a wound earlier and is dying. He betrayed the organization because he wanted to see his father and apologize. Yutaka dies in his father?s arms. Amon walks in. Harry confesses that he abandoned the boy because he was scared of his power. The next day Doujima doesn?t show up for work. Robin asks Harry what he thought of Yutaka. He tells her that even though it?s been a long time, Yutaka was still his son.

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