Episode 12 - Precious Illusions Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Precious Illusions. Written by Misaki

At STNJ, Robin is missing and they can't find her anywhere. We see her in the alleyway where the electricity man's powers were awaken. She sees the old lady again. She asks her who she is what she is doing. The old lady tells her of the Salem witch hunts and that people target witches because they were fallen gods and the regular gods were afraid of them so they told the humans to chase them. She sends Robin to see a series of flashbacks. At STNJ, someone has hacked into the STNJ systems and has passed through Michael's security precautions. All the computers and communicators aren't working and a mysterious symbol flashes on all the computer screens. Michael is trying to figure how this happened. The chief checks out the symbol on the screen and finds out that it is the symbol used in the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Back in the alley, Robin is confused. The old woman states that she is a witch and she is hunting her own shadow. Amon is coming into the alley. All of a sudden, Robin uses her fire power on the lady, she burns and dies. Amon comes and tells her that she was a woman from the Salem Witch Trials era and couldn't die until her body and soul were engulfed by flame. Robin takes a look at the old woman's staff and finds an item. In the end we see Robin in the factory using the communicator to tell the STNJ that she thinks that she has found an artifact that holds a secret to the craft and that she awaits further orders. Then scene changes and we see Amon and Michael and Michael is telling Amon that the person hacked into the STNJ system through Robin's communicator so that they could communicate with Robin.

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Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Precious Illusions. Written by W.H.R 4ever!
What happens is that Robin goes back to the walled city and is trying to search for the old woman. Meanwhile at the STNJ, salem witch signs keep appearing on their computer moniters. Michael is furious because someone hacked into his super firewall (needs a donut). Anyway, Robin meets the old geezer (witch power is controlling time) and brings her to a secluded area. No one can can find her at the STNJ. The woman tells Robin about the Salem Witches past and tells her that the witches weren't bad, it was the human society. They would always torture the witches because of jealousy. Then, the woman shows Robin a vision of a woman looking like Robin about to be tortured.Then, she makes herself look like Amon about to shoot her and Robin killed her because she would hjave to protect herself, right? Then it fades to the credits

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Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Precious Illusions. Written by Zander414
In this episode a man who uses electricity is targeted. All the attacks by the man have happend in an area in which the people are very quiet and keep to themselves. The stnj goes to investigate and people are watching them from rooftops. Robin finds a light bulb and takes it from the scene. She finds two more light bulbs and sends them to headquarters to be analized. After a while they learn that the witches powers have just awakend. Amon believes that the witch is an insane man who thinks that everyone in the world is against him and is out to get him. Robin finds the man and shoots fire at him but he blocks it with his electricity. Then an old woman carves an X into the ground and the power goes out. Then they capture the witch. Michael learns that the mans powers were the same as a distant relatives and he thinks its weird that his powers just emerged suddenly. The woman then chants and carves something into the ground. Then the episode fades to black and the credits are shown

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Episode Summary for Episode 12 - Precious Illusions. Written by danielle minnerly
A man staggers down an alleyway. Two men chase him. He trips over a trash can and falls. When he gets up, he notices a woman from the shadows who chants ?Wven the eternal lights shine upon him. The inhabitants of the land of the deadare initiating everlasting power.? on the man. delivered form this world soon. He then psychically attacks them using the electricity from above. Sakaki talks to Michael. He?s curious as to why the Factory has moved so quickly on this. Everyone seems to be doing this by the book. Amon investigates. Apparently this case is similar to a previous case where the witch could use microwaves. Robin sniffs some of the blood and notices the light bulbs above. The previous case happened 22 years ago, but the circumstances are almost identical. Michael is confused because there doesn?t seem to be any way the previous witch could have had a child. Meanwhile, Robin sits with the light bulb she found at the crime scene. Doujima can?t believe she took it without permission. They decide to investigate the scene. Michael scouts the area. 150,000 people live in the area. Michael thinks it will be next to impossible to find the witch. Robin sniffs around the scene a bit more. The old woman from the night before notices her and tells her that she won?t be able to find the person by doing that. Robin is interested that the woman knows what she is trying to do. The woman warns that since Robin?s not from around here, she should leave. Robin tells her that she?ll be ok. The woman replies that maybe she will be, but the surrounding people won?t be. Robin receives a call and walks away. When she arrives with the others, they tell her that the victims have been taken away. They also notice that a bunch of people are watching them from various buildings around the area. They decide to wait for reinforcements. Karasuma can?t sense anything, but Robin notices another light bulb on the ground. The man from the previous night is still trying to escape. He remembers using the electricity from the light bulbs above to kill the two men after him. As he gets upset, he blows up a car headlight with that power. The old woman watches from the shadows. Sakaki has been trying to investigate, but none of the people will respond to his questions. Amon asks where Robin and Doujima have gone. He tells them they went to the lab to investigate the light bulbs. Through investigation, they determine that like Robin, the witch they are looking for isn?t in complete control of his powers because he burned his surroundings in the process. Amon calls Michael and asks him to investigate the electricity system around the crime scene to see if there is any place that may be able to discharge more than standard electricity. The man walks through a hallway of electric cables. Amon hypothesizes that the first victims were residents who went after him, but now the witch is paranoid and may believe that everyone is out to get him. Michael calls and gives them the coordinates of the high voltage area in the area. The witch sits alone. Another man comes after him threatening to kill him. The witch uses his electricity power against him and as a shield against the man?s bullets. He begs for his life. Just as he is about to kill the man, Sakaki and Robin show up. Robin engulfs the man in fire, but he is able to shield himself with his electricity. The old woman carves an x on the floor and the electricity in the place goes out. Sakaki and Robin utilize the moment to capture the witch. Amon researches the witch. Robin walks in. She wants to know more about him. The witch was Jyuuzou Narumi. He was 33 years old. He was a distant relative of the witch Michael researched. Robin thinks its weird that his power would have awakened all of the sudden. She then realizes what the old woman may have been warning her about. The woman chants alone that in the end, the power you inherited from the dead was too much for you to handle? She carves a rune into the ground with her cane.

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