Episode 13 - The Eyes of Truth Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Eyes of Truth. Written by Lana
A Man called 'The Inquisitor' arrives to screen a witch for the ability to be a hunter. Robin seems a little detached by his arrival. Through the episode she tries to, and succeeds, in talking to him about her own screening. When the Inquisitor first arrived, he asked Amon to pull over and ran to examine a rock with a symbol engraved in it. During the inquisition, the inquisitor taunts the witch like some witches taunt hunters, the witch gets mad and fails the test. The next day, Amon and Robin are tailing the guy and everywhere they go you see the inquisitor. Some punks attack the witch and he starts to crush them with his power only to have Amon and Robin come over. Robin shouts and the witch turns to them, then he continues to try killing the punks. Amon shoots at him and he stops the bullets. He asks Amon 'Are you going to attack me now too?!' and lifts Amon in the air. The punks run. Robin uses her power to save Amon. The witch tries attacking Robin but she gaurds. She resolves to burn the witch whole. Amon looks at the burning body of the witch (which may not even be a body anymore) and then looked at Robin. He said 'Robin. Why...?' but didn't finish because he saw a tear roll down her face. The inquisitor saw everything and smiles. Back at the church where he's staying, he speaks to Robin once more before leaving. Probably his most confusing conversation yet. Then you see Amon back at the STNJ talking to Zaizen, but you're looking through the window and can't hear anything. Then you're inside looking at Amon and what you hear is Amon saying 'Robin is a...' before it ends.

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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Eyes of Truth. Written by samuel
It all starts with Amon and Robin in a car,robin then snap's awake and looks arond the car when she looks at Amon ,Amon saids that the inquisitor(a guy who makes the choise to accept a person as a witch hunter)is 20 minits late the a light is shind on the windo, then Amon went out and Robin followded him.The inquisitor then comes out of the car that was beside Amons car.then they drove dovn an alley way the inquisitor then says to drop him off ata near park,so Amon did.after the inquisitor came of the door he bent down to look at a stone piece,then he leaves then robin went ans took a peek at the stone,on the stone was a symbol.Back at snt-j head corders Karasuma was sleeping and awokened by Sakaki saying "comon,go to the next one"next to micheal with them looking in the computer screen.then Karasuma says"are you 2 looking at sites your not suppose to??"hten sakaki say its allrite and she could go back to sleeping then Karasuma walks next to them and look at wat they r doing.the 2 guys were looking something up about the iquisitor and micheal cant seem to get in to the info then Karasuma says thatwhy dont they ask him them selfs.(back to amon/robin)then later they find the guy they were looking 4 and brings him to the church to get interviewed.he almost killed the inquisitor witch his craft user.later i think he dies because of robins craft user.(some parts of this summary was cut off)

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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Eyes of Truth. Written by Cynthia
The story opens with Robin and Amon in a car at 5:40 am, waiting to pick up the Inquisitor. (His name is Corshion or something; it was difficult to pick up.) Back at the office, Dojima, Sakaki and Michael are trying in vain to find information about this Inquisitor. They decided that the best way to learn about it is to look up the guy being vetted for position of Hunter, Shiro Masuda. As Robin and Amon are driving the Inquisitor to St. Sebastian church, the place decided on for the inquisition, he tells them to pull over a few blocks early. It?s a graveyard, and the Inquisitor hurriedly searches through the yard for something. Amon and Robin follow him, and find him kneeling on the ground, parting the grass to reveal a stone with a Runic symbol on it, embedded in the ground. The Inquisitor relaxes when he finds it, apparently finding peace at having found it. Back at the office, Michael is the only one there. He?s working as always while listening to loud music on his headphones. He almost doesn?t here the boss come in, who asked him what he was working on. He shows him that he?s looking up information about Shiro Masuda, the guy going to be interviewed. (the guy in the picture looks pretty haggard) Michael wants to know how the Church had found this guy, since the STN didn?t even have him on its list. The boss explains that the Church has its own system for finding Witches, one that dates back all the way to the Middle ages. In a car, Dojima and Sakaki are discussing how, while a computer with artificial intelligence is useful in finding good candidates for becoming Hunters, a human is eventually needed to make the final decisions. The Inquisitor is this person. Back to the Inquisitor, and Robin watching as he sets up his equipment. He explains that while the machine is not the way the Church likes to do it, the Factory insists upon using it. Robin says that there was no machine when she was being interviewed. (I?m guessing that?s because she was probably in Italy when she was interviewed, while the Factory and all its creation and using of Orbo, is only in Japan) Apparently this is the same Inquisitor who interviewed Robin before she became a Hunter. The Inquisitor explains that during her interview, he showed her ancient Runic symbols of power, symbols that can be used for the Craft. This was a dangerous move, as she could have used them for evil purposes. These symbols give one the power of God, the power that separates angels (humans) from fallen angels (Witches). Meanwhile, Dojima and Sakaki are at Shiro Masuda?s apartment. They knock at the door and identify themselves as working for a temping agency that he?d applied to. When he opens the door, Sakaki quickly sticks his foot in the door to stop the guy from shutting it, freaking him out. He demands to know what they want; they tell him he has to come with them. At the church hall, we see the Inquisitor sitting at the opposite end of a long table from Shiro Masuda. Robin and Amon are in a room nearby, watching the proceedings using surveillance equipment. Dojima and Sakaki are also in a third room, doing the same. The Inquisitor open up by speaking about a mysterious death a few years ago. A man was crushed beyond all recognition, so abnormally crushed that the police decided that it couldn?t have been anything but a horrible accident. The Inquisitor says that they both know ?it was far from an accident.? Shiro Masuda wants to know what he?s getting at. The Inquisitor slides a tablet down the table. On this tablet is inscribed one large Runic symbol and several smaller ones. He explains that it is the symbol for the stone axe, and is a symbol that holds power. That Shiro used this power to crush the man to death. He wants to know why he did it, if he derived pleasure from it. Shiro is getting more and more upset. He tells him that the dead man had been attacking him, that he didn?t want to kill him, but it was the only way to survive. If Shiro hadn?t killed, he would have been killed. He tells the Inquisitor that the dead man wasn?t human. (presumably he was also a Witch) The Inquisitor asks Shiro if he thinks that it?s okay to kill someone if that person is not human. That death seems to surround him. We see pictures from Shiro?s youth, with dead animals. ?Is it your wish to confront anything that opposes you?? ?I?m not a monster! I?m not a monster!? screams Shiro. The Inquisitor is working to make his subject distressed to the point of breaking down, until he is tempted to use his powers. It is only in this way that they can see if he is mentally unstable, and likely to turn his powers to evil purposes. If he proves to be able to control his powers; to refrain from using them, even when he desires to use, because he knows it is wrong. Shiro collapses on the table, apparently is defeat. It looks like he is giving up. But then his back arches, and he lifts up with an evil look on his face and a possessed look to his body. He starts threatening the Inquisitor, saying ?I?m gonna kill you! Die!? It is here that the machine?s purpose begins to make sense. Among other things, it contains several vertical tubes of Orbo. The more Shiro?s powers manifest themselves, the more the Orbo bubbles. (We already know from past episodes that Orbo protects its wearer from the effects of witchcraft.) Robin, watching from the other room, is worried and wants to go stop things. However, Amon stops her, telling her ?Calm down. Just wait.? Shiro Masuda is getting rather out of control, but the Orbo is protecting the Inquisitor from most, other than sending his strange multi-focal goggles from flapping about. In the end, Shiro Masuda collapses onto the table again. He?s in despair. He repeats over and over ?I didn?t want to kill you. I mean it. I didn?t want to kill anyone.? He seems disturbed by his own reaction to the Inquisitor?s provoking. Later, Robin and Amon are discussing what had happened, that Shiro failed the Inquisition. Robin thinks that he wasn?t bad, that he didn?t want to hurt the Inquisitor. However, Amon points out that the Inquisition revealed that Shiro had darkness in his heart, and that is why he failed. Robin insists that everyone has some darkness in his heart. But once again, Amon points out there is a difference between if it is shades of grey, or if it is truly dark. The scene shifts to a flashback of a previous discussion between the Inquisitor and Robin. The Inquisitor is warning her that darkness always threatens the heart of Craft users, that one must be eternally vigilant to guard one?s heart from becoming evil, for eventually the darkness will prevail. Robin is thinking back to her time in the convent in Italy, while she lived as a nun. Robin insists that she didn?t choose to have powers. The Inquisitor points out, though, that she does choose to use them? Back in the present, Amon is in a car with Robin, talking to Michael over the communicator. Shiro Masuda is released and walks down the street, heading for the 4th district. Amon and Michael discuss Shiro?s lack of employment for the past two years, and how his life had gone downhill ever since. They also talk about the coincidence that his powers had manifested themselves soon thereafter. It seems that by driving a potential Witch to his wits end, that his powers are forced to come out. They think it?s just like Solomon to do something like that. There seems to be some thoughts that this ?Solomon? was involved in the ruination of this man?s life. That he had done so, in order to gain himself another Hunter for the STN. We see Shiro Masuda leaving a store, having bought himself some food. As he?s leaving, three no-good looking guys outside are discussing their need of money to pay for cell phone bills. One asks the other where he is going to get the money, and the other eyeballs Shiro Masuda, and replies that he?ll find a wallet somewhere. They follow Shiro and begin beating him up for his money. Shiro?s huddling on the ground, crying out about ?why are they doing this to him?. One gets the impression he is asking, not just about them beating him for money, but those other forces who ruined his life, and then put him to Inquisition. Shiro uses his power to life one guy upside-down off the ground, and force his body into a ball. It is blocked from our view as the body is crushed into a thousand pieces. Robin and Amon are running to stop him. They arrive and tell the guys to run. Amon fires several Orbo bullets at Shiro, but he sues his power to flatten them in midair. Amon?s pendant of Orbo turns black just before Shiro sends him flying. Shiro does in a second guy in the same way. Amon tries to shoot him again, and again, Shiro flattens the bullets. Robin shouts to Shiro to stop. Shiro turns to Robin and demands to know if she is like him (a Witch). When Amon tries a third time to shoot him, Shiro uses his powers to lift Amon as he did the others. Just as he begins to force Amon?s body into a ball, Robin shoots her fire into the space between the two, blocking the power. Shiro then turns on Robin, but she blocks his power using her own. She yelling to him that he can?t keep using his power to crush people. Robin eventually surrounds Shiro in flames, killing him. Amon, still on the ground, watches on ?Robin? you?? (commercial!) Back at the office later on, the boss is explaining to Amon about the stone the Inquisitor was looking at. It was there to give peace to those who had been betrayed by their followers. (I presume they mean Craft users, whose fellow Craft users had gone evil and turned into Witches) They then discuss Robin and their worries for her. Over with Robin, who is talking to the Inquisitor as he packs up. He tells her that he is leaving Japan. He says that it seems her Craft has finally developed. Robin doesn?t understand this. He talks about ?the rapture one receives from using their Craft.? ?What do you mean?? she asks. (It seams like, while she had passed the test to become a Hunter in the past, she powers have since developed to the point where she is no longer a ?Craft User? but now a full blown ?Witch?) Back to Amon and the boss. They are still discussing Robin, and what her using her powers to kill the guy means. They too believe she is progressing to the point of Witch. Amon is freaked out, ?Robin is-!? (and the scene cuts off)

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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Eyes of Truth. Written by Zander414
In this episode a new hunter is being interviewed by an old man. This man was the same man that gave Robin her interview. Robin at this point in the series is begining to worry that she is a witch and not what they call a user of the craft. The man who is being interviewd doesnt make it and baseicly goes crazy but this isnt as important as the talk that Robin and the man who interviewed her have. She tells him about her powers and he says that she can controll them or else she never would have been accepted as a hunter. The relation ship between Robin and this man is shown in more detail in later episodes.

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Episode Summary for Episode 13 - The Eyes of Truth. Written by danielle minnerly
An inquisitor has been summoned to Japan to test a potential Hunter Candidate named Shiro Masuda. Robin talks to him about her own testing and observes the inquisition. There seems to be a fine line between Hunter and Witch. Masuda will have to choose sides and accept the consequences.

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