Episode 14 - Loaded Guns Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by johnny kim
In this episode, Amon and Robin ae on hunt. They split up. Later When Robin was looking for the witch she saw visions of Amon shooting her. Later she gets shot but no one was there. She fixed her target where the person shot her with her fire power. She goes up the stairs and finds a fresh empty bullet shell. After the hunt, [the failed it] the went back to the STNJ. Robin told Amon that she got shot but Amon didnt hear anyone shooting. The bullet shell was an shell of an anti-witch bullet that was outlawed 5 years ago. The scene changes when Robin was going back home. When she came inside her room [living room] hse saw a letter and touko tied up. Robin goes over to her and then people dressed in black starts shooting Robin and Touko. After Miss Karasuma and Sakaki comes and saves the day. Robin somehow escapes and was forced to live in the STNJ. The last scene is when you hear someone get beaten up. It was Amon. Zaizen [the leader of the STNJ] was beating up Amon because he would've had the chance to kill Robin. [Touko is Zaizens' daughter]

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by Belle
It starts of with Robin and Amon outside a building and then Robin went into the building. She turned and turned then she reached a dead end. Robin saw some signs and latter Amon called and guns fireing at Robin.Robin told Amon latter but Amon told her not to make a mistake again and told her to go home. Robin toke a bullet that was from the gun that shot her. She gave it to Michael and told him to see what he can find adout it. (That's the first part of the episode. I can't remenber the rest.)

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by Zander414
In this episode Amon and Robin are on a hunt. They are split up and Robin is haveing visions of Amon shooting her.A little while later Robin is shot at but there is no one there that she can see and she has no way to defend herself except her fire power. Later when she tells other stnj members they dont believe her because Amon says that no shots were fired which leads Robin to believe that Amon was the one shooting. Later they decide to go back and examine the site in which Robin claims she was shot at.At the site they find what is called an Anti-witch bullet that was outlawed 5 years ago. Later the scene shifts back to Robins house where she finds a letter and her roomate tied up. Robin goes over to her and is shot at by men dressed all in black. She somehow escapes the raid of her house and is forced to live at the stnj. In the last scene Amon is shown being kicked presumably for not killing Robin when he had the chance.

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by Michelle .C
During a Witch Hunt with Amon, Robin is having visions.Soon after that she has a vision of Amon and is shot with, what Micheal later discovers is an anti - witch bullet. The bullet was outlawed by the STNJ 5 years ago. When Robin claimed that she was fired on Amon denied hearing any gunshots.Later on when she goes home she finds a letter in the mail... and a tied up Toko. Men dressed in black fire on her and hit Toko. Toko goes in to a coma and Robin is hit with a witch bullet.She then has to hide out at STNJ head quarters.

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by katerina stanke
ok in this ep robin is sot at and is using her power to defend her self (while being on a mission with her partner, of coarse) her partner said that he didn?t hear any bullets being sot and that she should stop making up stories and she says under her breath that she was not lying and than the Sean changes to robin asking Michele to examine the shell that was left over by the shooting and also asked him not to tell amen about it and then the seen changes to Amon throwing out allot of bullets that look like the one that robin asked Michele to examine, then the Sean changes to the gang except for Amon and Michele tells them about what robin asked him to do and he tells them that the bullet was used along time ago so that is why he asked them to come down to talk, he also tells them that all that he could find about the shell is that it was used to worn off evil such as which?s and then Michele asked one of the gang to read the shell(I forgot her name and she said that she has nothing and Michele that that mite happen because of the unscripted stuff on it so the gang decided to go check on robin because one of them has a bad filling about what has happened, then the Sean changes and it shows a taxi driver dropping of robin at her apartment and she picked up the mail on the way to her room, so when she gets to her room she drops her bag and the mail noticing that her roommate is not greeting her and notices that something is wrong and when so gets to the living room she turns on the light and sees Touko (her room mate) tied up than terns off the light so she can see the intruders in her room, there are three of them shooting at them with the same kind of bullets that she first picked up at the first time she was sot at, so during the battle she gets sot at once unlike her roommate witch got sot multiple times and is now in the hospital fighting for her life, so everyone visits her except for Amon, then the Sean changes to the hole gang talking about the whole situation one has one person how might of done it but is not sure, then the Sean changes to Amon (robins partner) being beat up because he did not hit and kill robin ( ok people why do you think why Amon did not hit robin on porpoise maybe because he didn?t mean to so obviously, maybe, it might be possible that he likes her)

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by nellie girl
Amon and Robin are on a stake out look for a witch rumored to be in an abandon warehouse. Upon arrive Amon and Robin separate and try to track the witch. As Robin walks around the area she notices a sign of the craft on the wall. As she walks toward the sign she reaches out to touch it and gets a vision. She pulls away and two more sign appear on the floor. Robin notices them and murmurs something about being surrounded. Then Robin has another vision of the Inquisitor and then of Amon pulling his gun on her and in slow motion is pulling the trigger. Just then we see Robin though a red colored scope. Amon communicates to Robin that the witch is coming to the left of her and to move. As Robin moves into position and waits she is then attacked. She uses her powers to defend herself and his struck by one of these odd bullets and thrown against the crates. Robin uses her fire power to the area where the bullets come from. She then race up stair to the area where the attacker was but no one is there, however; she finds these strange bullets and takes one. Amon voice is then heard over the communicator demanding to know what happened.

The scene changes and we see Robin sitting on a bench and Amon comes walking toward her. He looks at her and said that he just got done explaining to the factory why they did not get the witch. Amon then tells Robin that this can not happen again.

Amon and Robin are in the car and Amon pulls over to this mini mart and lets Robin out. She walks into the mini mart. Then the scene changes and we see Robin walking with a plastic bag in her hand back to the apartment. Has she walks in the house she talks to herself about eating first or having a bath. Robin decides on a bath. In the tub, Robin lifts her arm out of the tub and we see a wound. After her bath, we see Robin out side on the balcony of the apartment wearing this over sized T-shirt, eating her food. The wind picks up and blows Robin hair in her face. She uses her hand and moves her hair out of her face. The view changes to where Amon is standing across the street looking up at Robin on the balcony.

At STN-J, Robin gives Michael the bullet and asks him to research it for her. She asks him to please keep Amon out of this. Later on we see the gang, minus Robin and Amon, discussing the bullet Michael has acquired information on. They seem to have a bad feeling about this.

Robin is on walking back to the apartment and notices Touko has neglected the mail again and it has pilled up. She sees that she has a letter addressed to her. At the door Robin notices that it is open and assumes that Touko is home. When she enters the house all the lights are off and she realizes something is wrong. Robin is cautious as she walks into the apartment. We then see a tied up Touko facing Robin and a sign on the floor where Touko is. All of a sudden there is a shower of bullets all in Robin directions. She uses her powers to dispatch the attackers but nothing happens. The bullets stop and she makes a desperate attempt to untie Touko but then the bullets start flying again. Touko is hit with two bullets and falls to the floor destroying the sign. Robin the uses her powers to destroy the attackers camouflage which is protecting. More bullets come raining down on Robin and she uses her powers to stop them, but they are a special type of anti- witch bullet. The bullet is heads straight to Robin?s heart when all of a sudden Sakaki and Karasuma shoot the bullet meant for Robin. The attackers they make and escape for and Sakaki and Robin go out the balcony to where the attackers were. They notice that they are going down on ropes and are getting away. Robin then quickly turns around and heads for the door with Sakaki yelling after her. She says to take care of Touko and she sprints down the stair after the attrackers, but run right into Amons chest. He tells Robin that ?you?re not going any where.? Robin looks at Amon and murmurs his name only before she passes out.

The scene changes and we see Robin in a car looking tired and in shock. Sakaki, Karasuma, and Amon are talking in to street has the ambulance and firefighter are working on the apartment. Karasuma asks Amon if he is going to the hospital because they are. He responds no and gets in his car to destination unknown but not before saying that Robin will stay at STN-J because it is not safe for her to stay at the apartment.

The scene show a hospital scene were Touko was lying in a bed. The scene again changes and we see Robin lying on the couch back at STN- J and the group is discussing why any one would want to attack Robin. Robin lies awake listening to the group but pull the blanket over her head. The scene changes and we hear the sounds of someone getting beat up. We see Zaizen kicking Amon, who is on all four in pain. Zaizen is yelling at Amon if you just had followed the plan Touko would not have been hurt.

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by Adelaide E
The episode opens with Amon and Robin staking out a warehouse at night. Once they separate, Robin spies circular runes marked on the ground. While she?s distracted with the runes, and images of the Inquisitor and a gun-toting Amon, somebody in the distance fires shots at her. Robin uses her craft at the source of the shots, which later pisses off a rather intolerant Amon, who claims to have not heard any shots. At the office, Robin asks Michael to analyze a spent shell she kept from the warehouse, and not to tell Amon. Later, we see Amon driving, and tossing some of the same bullet shells out the window. Robin goes home, bathes, and eats dinner, unaware of a very creepy Amon watching her from a rooftop across the street. Michael, unable to gain much information, asks his peers and boss; we then learn that the shell was from an anti-witch bullet, which were outlawed years prior. Unable to shake off an uneasy feeling, the boss and an agent leave in search of Robin. At the same time, Amon had just dropped Robin off at a convenience store and she had walked to her apartment herself. Robin finds it strange that the door is unlocked, but shrugs it off. Once she enters, she senses something and walks to Touko?s room. Once she turns on the light, Robin is shocked to find Touko bound and gagged, kneeling in a circular rune similar to the ones from the warehouse. Instead of rushing to her side, Robin smartly turns off the lights again, and sees the silhouettes of gunmen just outside Touko?s window. She ducks, and could only use her craft as a shield as they begin to fire. At first, they aim around Touko, but soon the bullets hit the tied up room mate. Robin tries to crawl closer but one of the bullets manages to penetrate her fire shields, and she is hit in the shoulder. Then we see bullets fly from behind Robin; the boss and the other agent have come to save them! Yay! Robin, pissed as hell, follows the escaping gunmen, only to bump into Amon once she enters the underground metro. He gives an ominous, ?You?re not going any where,? which makes you wonder if she?s saved or caught. In the end, Touko was hospitalized but died any way, and Robin is staying at the office. When they believe she is sleeping, the others discuss of what happened to a girl named Kate eight months ago, and Amon?s and the Inquisitor?s roles in tonight?s shooting. Robin is hurt by Amon?s suspected participation, but Amon is even more hurt back in her empty and partially burned apartment. Amon?s boss, the mean and scary guy, is not happy with Touko?s death, and proceeds to beat the bloody hell out of Amon, who does not even try to protect himself. Not a very happy ending?in Amon?s case, at least.

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Episode Summary for Episode 14 - Loaded Guns. Written by syd hummingbird
Robin and Amon were on a case and Robin got shot in the arm with an anti-witch bullit.Amon threw out of his car a lot of anti-witch bullits.The next day Robin got home and found Toko tied up and a barrier around the area Toko was in. two men came out from behind the wall by the porch and storted shoting anti-witch bullits at Robin.They shot Toko and she fell over then they shot Robin. Robin ran down the stairs to catch them when she ran into Amon she fainted right infront of him. she awoke in Amons car and they were deciding were she could stay since her house wasnt safe. Robin was lying down in the STNJ office. while Robin was lying down Amon was at her apartment getting beat up by some guy that was saying,"if you had done it my way Toko wouldnt have gotten hurt"

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