Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Mrs.Asakura``~
While Robin was "sleeping" the crew was talking about the assault and they thought it was Amon. the next moring, they were reasearching about the people who could of used the bullet. So Dojima went to the police station to check profiles on this man who was in Japan 2 years ago but he was dead. later then a SWAT appeared and they first shoot the guy at the front gate and got their way up. the crew heard gun shots and told Robin to run while Robin was just making some coffee(mmm) it shot Micheal, Sakaki, and Miho. Why did they risk their lives? anyways then Amon appeared and helped Robin escape robin questioned him but he ignored her then when they were at the last floor, Amon told Robin to burn the wall and go down the stairs. then amon pushed a button and told robin to go underground and escape. then went up close to her like about to kiss(^_^;;) but was actually giving her a piece of paper... he left her but robin tried to stop him, he didn't let her and it closed shut. then the SWAT team arrived and Robin heard all these gun shots and cried. Then Robin went down the stairs and Amon still alive heard them saying they have control over the building...

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Snowverine
Robin is staying at the STNJ headquarters the next morning after her apartment was raided. Amon is now missing. Michael explains that the person that most likely fired that shot at Robin is dead. He suggests it might be Amon.The headquarters is attacked shortly after by the ones that attacked Robin's place. Amon appears and saves Robin. Robin is escapes but Amon does not. Before that happened Amon told Robin to contact someone if he didn't make it.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Witch Hunter Princess Garnet
This episode starts with Robin on the couch at the Stnj. She starts to imagine of the Old Witch, The Old man and Amon. Her eyes widen when she sees Amon a sencond time, her eyes widen. She then goes back to sleep. Later on, Michael figures out that 3 people in Japan were capable of shooting Anti-Witch bullets. Soon, some men come to kill Robin. Everyone in the room gets shot while Robin escapes. The men manage to find Robin in another room. Just when they were about to kill shoot Robin, Amon busts in and shoot a bullet that fills the room with blinding light. With the men blind, Robin discovers it's Amon who fired that light. Amon grabs Robin and both go down a series of stairs and Amon unlocks each door the go through and locks it again. When they reach the basement, Amon tells Robin to create a hole into the wall and head down the secret sraircase. He goes close to Robin(which looks like they'er about to kiss) and puts a piece of paper into Robin's ear. He heads back up to the surface and tries to attack the men following them. Robin tried to stop him, but Amon pushes her back into the staircase. Then Robin starts to cry once she's pushed down. Amon then gets shot and the episode eds with Robin walking down the stairs.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Virgy
it starts with robin waking up from the couch at stnj place. The other are trying to find the one who's trying to hunt robin down. meanwhile, the man who's kind of the secrectary(sp) is outside and sees a suspicious man in black standing accross the street staring at the building. After, the man walks away and this car drives by and it happens to be the boss talking on the phone. amon visit Toko then her father visits her(they both apologize to her for not protecting her.) when robin was getting coffe for michael the hear this big explosion. then army of men came in shooting at everyone. everyone was down then they went after robin. robin was laying on the ground helpless. Then a flash of bright light blinded the army of men..and amon appears in front of robin. they both started to run down stairs through doors while amon explains what is happening. And why those people were coming after her. he confesses that he was the one who hunted his orignal partner Kate. he said that he only hunted him because he felt that she was using the stnj to run away from who she really was.(sorrie don't relly memba)they hear the men breaking through the doors. they quickly go into this room where amon asks her to burn a hole through a wall while amon pushes a secret button under the well. amon says that he thinks of robin as a friend ( in his own way cause he's such a hottie!^^) robin thinking that they were gonna run through the hole that she burned grabed him. but amon told her that she was going to go in the well and go somewhere..(sorrie forgot again@_@)when amon wasn't coming robin desperately tried to push the secret button so that amon can come with her but amon told her not to. but b4 that amon had slipped a piece of paper in her hair and told her to go there once she gets out of the well. amon tried to tell her somthing b4 the well closed but it was too late...he said that if i ever see you...) amon gets shot but no one noticed that he was still alive. his last thoughts b4 the episode ended was "this was not a hunt"..eeeek!! it was so powerful and touching^^!!

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Emily
It starts off with Amon going to see touko and saying that he is sorry. then you see touko father asking a doctor if anyone was there before him and the doctor says that a tall man dressed in black was there before visiting hours.then the sene changes to see the father looking at touko throu the glass and saying sorry that he was not a good father.then the sene changes to see Robin waking up and she says somthing and remembers the groups discution the nite before then she sees the old lady saying then the the old lady disapears then you see Amon Robins eyes grow large then he to disapears.It changes senes to see everyone,apart from Robin and Amon,at the computersthen you see michael looking for somthing then he saysthen you see Karasuma looking stuned and says then michael looks around and says then he points to the back they all turn around and see Robin eating michael's snak food.A littel later you see Robin sneaking down stairs and the man at the front desk says that it was ok and that he was waiting for her.Then you see Harry talking to Robin and giving her some food.later on you see the gang ,still without Amon but Robin in the back eating,michael says he narowed the bulet users to three pepeol but the only one in Japan died two years ago then Karasuma says that only Amon could use it then but Robin comes in and says that it can't be Amon.hte sene changes to see Robin asking Michael if he wants more coffe then you see the sene down stairs were the desk man got shot and the men who shot him are going up stairs then you see Robin making coffe and then men breaking down the door and shooting they hit Michael then Karasuma and Sakaki then turned to Robin but before they got a chance a blinding flash of light stop them and Amon took robin down the stairs explaing what was hapeing .when they got down the stairs to the well,Amon ask Robin to burn a hole thru the wall,as she does that Amon pushes a secret swich that opens the bottem of the well, he calls her over and tells her to leave butt she turns around grabs his arm and goes to the hole in the wall butt Amon stops her and says to go down the well she goes down and Amon follows he leans close slips a paper inhe hair and says then he presses the switch and the platform he was neiling onstarted to rise ,Robin tried franticly to press the swich butt Amon pushed she back in and the door sealed shut she fell to the groond with tears in her eyes then you hear gun shot and hear a body hit the floor. later you hear a man asking if they got everybody and some one ansers that one got away.You see a close up on Amon's face and he says then you hear footsteps going the stairs then faide into credits.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Jo
With Robin staying at the STN-J, the group worries slightly, but she seems to get along. Amon visits Touko in the hospital, and apologizes to her body. Later, Zaizan finds Amon visisted, but seems to brush it off. He also talks to Touko's body, apologizing for not being a good father. Micheal discovers only three people could have fired the bullet at Robin, and sought out the most probable one. Doujima takes an unexpected lead, picking up the slack for an oddly missing Amon. After finding their lead is a dead flop, Micheal brings up a possible, though hard to swollow truth, Amon fired that bullet. Robin can't help but stand up for her partner and shuts out the rest of the group as they talk of Kate, the craft user that Robin replaced. The group of witch hunters all know that that Amon could have hunted Kate down himself, but none will truely believe it. As they day casually goes on as usual, right under the group's nose as SWAT team creeps into the STN-J builing. Breaking in, they use the group's surprise against them, shooting everyone but Robin. As a gun get's closer and closer to a cowering Robin, a flash of light fills the room and blinds the SWAT team. Taking his chance, Amon grabs Robin and runs out, taking a secluded stairwell. Robin gets her courage up and speaks, asking Amon if he really did hunt Kate. He admits to it and explains that there was no trust or friendship between him and her, and she betrayed the STN-J. Robin realizes what he's implying as they exit the stairwell and enter a large room, a large circular somthing in the center. Amon instructs Robin to burn a whole through the room's wall, and she does so. Robin finally asks if what he's saying that he trust her as a friend and he explains he was instructed to not interfere with her hunt (They think Robin's power is too strong), but he couldn't do it. Hearing the SWAT team drawing near, Amon presses a buttum, causing the curcilar somthing mentioned before sink, revaling another staircase. Robin starts out the hole in the wall, but Amon corrects her and helps her down the hole. He promtly hops down with her and slips a peice of paper in her hair, and holding her head like he's about to kiss her he tells her to contact the person on the paper if something happensto him. He quickly pulls out of the hole and presses the button which raises the platform to close Robin in and give her no other option to go down the stairwell. Robin refuses to leave Amon, thinking the worst the team can do to him if they find him. She strains to re-press the button but he shuns her hand and keeps her in. She listens with wide, teary eyes as she hears gun shots and a fallen body. As Amon lays, he relizes that the SWAT team brush off Robin's escape, meaning it wasn't a Robin-witch-hunt after all.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by raven
this episode starts out with amon visiting touko (who is in acoma). then it flashs to robin,micheal,sakaki,and karasuma. micheal finds out about 3 men who could have shot at robin. only one of them has entered japan and it was two years ago. shortly after they find out that he was killed within arrival to japan. they start suspecting amon again but robin refuses to believe it. robin is getting micheal some coffee when the door blows up and the creepy guys from robins appartment enter. they start shooting at them and there is this cross fire. all of the STNJ get hit (including the door man) they are about to shot robin when amon breaks in and like freezes them or sumthin and then grabs robin and they start running down stairs; here amon addmits to killing kate the girl that robin replaced. (they are still being cased but the creepy guys) amon asks robin to burn a hole through a brick wall so that it looks like they escaped through there. instead amon shows robin a secret passage way that is hidden in a well he jumps down with her and slips a peice of paper in hair, he then says "i dont believe that you are a witch robin thats why i couldnt hunt you anymore.if i dont make it go to this person, you can trust them " he starts going back up and she starts yelling "amon what are you doing comon lets go together" she is tring to get up with him and push the button that open up the passage way but he yells "stop it" and pushes her down, he says "when i see you ..." and gets cut off because it closes all the way. she starts screaming AMON AMON AMON! but then she hears gun shots and yelling a relizes they must have got him. she colapses and starts crying. then it flashs to the creepy people telling the guys over the radio that they have full control over the STNJ building and that they have everyone but robin. they are cleaning up STNJ and covering up the hole that robin burt. then it flashs to zaizen looking at touko and says " you must think im not a very good father to you right now" then it flashs to amon laying on the floor in the spot they shot him and opnening his eyes a little infering hes not dead. then it flashs to the STNJ members on the floor all bloody and well... shot. the end is of the staircase in the well and you hear the sound for robin running down it. then it fades to the credits!

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Zander414
In this episode Robins roomate is in coma and it starts off with everyone going and looking at her but this isnt so important. After an investigation of the anti- witch bullet Michael concludes that only three hunters in the world could have possible used it. The only one of the three that was in Japan was recently killed. Now the blame is starting to shift to Amon who had killed their last hunter who couldnt controll her powers. The next scene is everyone at the stnj doing their usual thing but the the stnj is raided by men in black weilding guns! Every one is shot except Robin who narrowly escapes with the help of Amon. During the escape Amon tells Robin that he was supposed to kill her but that he saw something differnt in her and though she could controll her powers.The last part of the episode Amn shows robin a secret compartment and staircase in what looks like a well.He puts a slip of paper behing her ear and leaves. The next shot is of Robin then it fades to the credits.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Becca
It starts out with Robin staying at the stn-j. when all of a sudden these swat people come in and start shooting at everyone. They hit Robin in the shoulder and they are aiming at her head when you hear this loud noise like a bomb and then a blinding light. Then you see Amon come in and get Robin and they go though all these doors and Amon is telling her how he hunted the hunter before Robin and then they get to this big well and Amon ask her if she can burn a hole in a wall and she does and then there is Amon standing on the well and she thinks that he is just going to stay there and let her run away. so she grabs his hand and starts pulling him toward the opening, but he pulls her back to the well and pushes a secret button and a stair well is shown, and he tells Robin that he doesnt think of her as a witch. and then she is on the stair case and he jumps down and puts a piece of paper in her hair and tells her that if anything happens to him than to go to the place on the piece of paper, then he pushes another button and he goes back up and then she is fraling her arms trying to push the button and he tells her to stop it and he say when i see you a..... and then she cant hear him any more, because the secret bottom went up again. Then you here shouting and guns firing and you here someone hit the floor and Robin is then sitting on the floor crying. and that is the end

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Wu Wu
During this episode, Robin is hiding out at STNJ headquarters. She hears the others talking about the bullet she found. The only person not at STNJ is Amon, and the rest of the crew start saying that only Amon could have shot that bullet because the other person it could have been had been dead for two years.!.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Hioga-chan
There?s some filler with scenes from the Salem Witch and Inquisitor; a strange man at the gate; Amon, then later Zaizen, visiting Touko in the hospital in a coma, the latter to apologize for being a poor father; and Harry consoling Robin. Michael finds three hunters who could have fired the anti-witch bullets, and with the help of the police, they discover the only one to have entered Japan recently was murdered shortly after he came. Karasuma suggests Amon had done it and they were too blind to see it, since she believes he hunted Kate, but the office refuses to listen to the idea. Shortly after, an invasion of the STN-J begins when men shoot the man at the door, proceeding upstairs and shooting everyone in the office but Robin ? Michael, Karasuma, Sakaki, the Chief, and his assistant. As they close in on Robin, a bullet is fired at the men and Amon rushes in and drags Robin out. Frantically punching access codes and leading her down corridors, he explains she is being hunted because her powers were decided to be too dangerous. He tells her Kate had lost control of her powers and had leaked STN-J info because she knew she would be hunted soon. He had been told to hunt her, and with no trust between them, he had. He leads her to a catacomb-like basement, where he tells her to burn a hole in a wall to draw attention from the well-like hole in there that he intends to sneak her out by, though he had been not to interfere. Robin questions him, asking if there is trust between them, but the men following them closely interrupt. Bringing her to the well, he tells her he does not think of her a witch, and helps her into the well. Getting awfully close to her, he slips a note into her hair, telling her to contact that person if anything should befall him and climbs out of the well, sealing it on Robin behind him. Sealed within, Robin is crying and cannot convince Amon to come with her, and hears several shots fired, but she cannot find a way out to the basement, though she tries frantically. The men are discussing their control of the whole building as Amon lies on the floor, looking very faint, realizing this was not a hunt, and Robin takes the stairs in the well down and escapes.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Anime Fanatic
Starts out Robin is hiding out at the STNJ and is kept under watch by her friends. She has been wounded by a bullet that have could of only been fired by three people, and Amon has been missing for a while. Ofcoarse police helps when they ask about a specific person about a person who has immigrated to Japan. They later find out that the person has been dead about the same day he came to japan. Then the SWAT team bust in and start firing randomly shooting everyone in the room except Robin who ducks down and right when they catch her Amon busts the door and fires a bullet and saves Robin and leave through the same door Amon came out of. They run through a huge staircase and Amon explaines stuff to Robin as they run down then they hear explosions. The SWAT team were exploding the doors they were going through. Finnaly they reach the bottom and Amon asks Robin to burn a hole in the hole as Amon presses a button that brings down a secret elevater after he makes Robin go down there and he brings the elevator back up the SWAT team suddenly burst through and gun down Amon and it shows Robin crying and above Amon is on the floor.

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Time to Say Goodbye. Written by Danielle minnerly
Hiding out at the STNJ, Robin is kept under careful watch by the rest the team execpt for Amon, who is oddly missing. Michael determines only three people could have fired that bullet at Robin, but the most likely suspect has been dead for some time. With a growing disquiet they realize there is only one other person it could be.

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