Episode 16 - Heal the Pain Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 16 - Heal the Pain. Written by Zander414
This episode takes place a few months after the raid of the stnj. They have been struggleing to get by with only two hunters because Amon and Robin disappeared after the raid and Sakaki broke his leg. Karasuma has been doing a lot more hunting and Doujima has actually begun doin her duties at the stnj. The next scene is Zaizen on the phone talking about the production of orbo and how it must continue and also about haveing no idea where Robin is. Robin in the meantime has been working as a paper delivery girl for Amons friend. After delivering a package she saves doujima who is in big trouble on a hunt. Doujima never sees Robin but her exact words are " Robin is that you"? Doujima goes back to the stnj and tells everyone that Robin is alive and not to be worried about her. Later they meet up again and Doujima asks her to have coffee with her. Robin heitantly agrees. Robin tells Doujima about how Amon saved her and how she escaped then asks Doujima to keep it a secret. Then Doujima tells her that they are ok at the stnj and that the bullets wernt real bullets. Doujima assures Robin that they are not out to hunt her and Robin is greatly relieved by this. Robin asks if Amon is ok and Doujima just says that they havnt seen him since the raid. Robin asks if anything was taken in the raid, Doujima tells her that only an orbo gun and some computer data was taken. They say godbye and Robin heads home. Back at the stnj Doujima spills the beans and tells everyone about Robin. The members are thrilled. Fade to credits.

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Episode Summary for Episode 16 - Heal the Pain. Written by Hioga-chan
At STN-J, the office has been working hard to get by shorthanded for a month, trying to ignore the absence of Amon and Robin and Sakaki?s broken leg. Karasuma has taken on most of Amon?s duties and Doujima has had to be more involved in hunts. Zaizen says, over the phone, that Orbo production must continue, that he agrees with HQ on Amon, and that he has no idea where Robin is. He believes Robin was only an excuse and the invasion was about Orbo. Robin has been delivering packages for the Nagira Law Office by bike in the meantime. Returning to the office, she meets up with Doujima hunting one witch and being followed by another, who attacks her, so Robin helps her by driving off her attacker with licks of fire. She tries to slip away, but Doujima convinces her to have a coffee with her. Doujima explains that the office is functioning, since they were only shot with plastic pellets, but without Robin and Amon, they are suffering. They do not know where Amon is, and Zaizen has been very scarce. Robin is upset by everything, but Doujima assures her there are no orders to hunt her and that she is pleased Robin is okay. Robin asks Doujima not to tell the others anything about herself or that Amon saved her, and also not to ask Robin for any help or make contact, as association may be dangerous. They part, Doujima saying all they took was an Orbo gun and some data Michael had encrypted. Robin gets back, and eats out with Nagira, Amon?s brother and her employer, who is looking into the STN-J because witch-hunting bothers him. He reveals to her that Touko is Zaizen?s daughter and in a sanatorium. Back at Harry?s, Doujima can?t take the pressure, and tells Karasuma and Harry that Robin is all right, and all three feel better knowing this.

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Episode Summary for Episode 16 - Heal the Pain. Written by Kristen McCoy
Well i just got done watching this episode on adult swim. I noticed in this episode it shows alot about each character in the inside after the accident. They are trying to be strong but it seems they are in more danger.The missions in the episode were all almost fatal to the hunters even though they seemed simple. And that shows lots of signs of weakness upon those characters. Also Robin says how she can not trust no one and through out the episodes so far i have notice that there really is little trust. I still wanna know where Amon is and if he is okay. And all the characters seem to need him. Almost like to hold the group togather.

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Episode Summary for Episode 16 - Heal the Pain. Written by danielle Minnerly
Tragedy has struck the STNJ, and both Robin and Amon are missing. Though the others, even Dojima, try to fill in as best they can the strain is taking its toll. What did the invaders of STNJ want?

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