Episode 18 - In My Pocket Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 18 - In My Pocket. Written by Sara
In this episode, Nagira Goes out to find the Fragment of Wisdom, and what exactly it is. He asks Robin some questions and Robin tells him all she THINKS she knows. Nagira dissappears one morning, and Robin goes to the Well at the STNJ where Micheal was eating lunch. She asks him to locate Nagira on his Laptop which he happens to have handy while eating lunch. When he locats Nagurya, Robin goes to the location and finds the most powerful witch and Nagurya. The witch tries to kill Robin, but Robin 'kills' him. But she didn't actually kill him, the old cane that the old woman had about a month and a half ago, was really the Fragment of Wisdom, which helped Robin with the witch. Nagira asks Robin if that is the Fragment of Wisdom, then maybe Solomen was chasing her for that, not because she was a witch.

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Episode Summary for Episode 18 - In My Pocket. Written by Zander414
This is the episode that to me marks the beginning of the end of the season. In this episode Robin is under the well where Michael eats lunch and gets his fresh air. She says Michael and Micael says Robin is that you? They have talks throughout the episode and Michael tells her where to get more info on the Fragment of arcadia. She goes to the walled city where she meets the old woman again and the old woman is chanting and confuseing Robin so then Robin burns her. Robin picks up the fragment and goes back to the huse she is staying at. Her boss takes the fragment and puts it in a vault because Robin doesnt think she is ready to handle its powers. Then the episode fades to the credits.

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