Episode 26 - Time to Tell Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Time to Tell. Written by Lana
Everyone heads to the factory but only some continued to the end. Michael and Sakaki hold off the gaurds as Robin and Amon continue on. They confront Zaizen and he shows them a message left years before by a man. It talks about 'Project Robin' and how witches are a dominant species. Zaizen stops it but Karasume shows up. She wa supposed to hunt Robin but she put her gun to the man opperating the message and tells him to keep going. It plays to the end and now Zaizen is mad. He shoots Amon with an orbo bullet and attacks Robin. But victory seems impossible and he makes for his privet elevator. On his way up Robin burns it and he dies. The factory is collapsing and everyone is leaving. Robin stops to saves the witches being used for orbo by burning the containers and Amon and Robin don't make it out. You see Michael and Sakaki staning on a hill looking at it collapse and Karasuma stumbles out of the rubble where the cops are waiting but Dojima says it's ok and runs to help her. Amon and Robin are thought dead and Michael's voice narrates how everything is now. Then u see the gate dude reading his horoscope. The same as the first episodes. A taxi pulls up to the building and someone wearing a black dress and high heals gets out. All you see is the feet and the bottom of the dress. They show you the cab in fron of the building, but you can't see the person except their feet under the cab. And so it ends.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Time to Tell. Written by juniper
After a night together, Robin and Amon head to STN-J to defeat Zaizen. Zaizen has already ordered the killing of all witches at this time, and Robin is on his hit list. At Zaizen's office, we find that Robin's father has left her a message. She is the Demon Child; the first witch to be genetically engineered. Amon, fearing that Robin has become too powerful, follows her out of the factory as it explodes. He has decided to no longer spend nights with her. Everything returns to normal, and a new craft user comes to take Robin's place.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Time to Tell. Written by Yuna of Paradise!
In episode 15 the whole STNJ team are in the factory. Robin abd Amon meets Zaizen and they talk. They talk about Robin's father and mother and what they did. Karasuma who was capture by Zaizen was order to kill Robin and Amon but she didn't at the end. when Zaizen tried to escape Robin burns him down with her power. Amon gets shot by Zaizen but he is ok. When the building starts to fall everyone leaves unharmed except for Amon and Robin. We don't know where they are. Some of the characters think they are dead while others think they are alive somewhere in hiding. In the end it's up to the fans to guess where they are or were they want them to be.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Time to Tell. Written by Witchhunter456
It is the final Episode in the series. The group comes upon a room full of containers with Witches they previously hunted.Karasuma is seemingly off to hunt Robin. The group is discovered. Everybody leaves on the elevator for the upper levels except Michael, Sakaki, Amon, and Robin. Michael and Sakaki Remain behind to hold off the guards while Amon and Robin run off to confront Zaizen. After a brief conversation he shows Amon and Robin a message left behind 15 years ago. A man on there is talking about how witches came into being, project Robin and how witches were the dominant species, Karasuma shows up and puts her gun to the mans head who controls the computer systems. She tells him to play the rest and he does. After hearing the rest Zaizen is furious. He shoots amon with an Orbo bullet and confronts Robin. After victory seems impossible he escapes into an elevator. Robin shoots her fire up the shaft. He was killed by it. Soon the factory starts to collapse and everybody escapes except Amon and Robin whose lives were lost in the collapse. It ends with Michael nararating about how live went back to normal and how they hunted withces as usual and how he doesnt believe a word of it when Doujima says. "Amon and Robin left this world when the Factory collapsed." And thats what happens.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Time to Tell. Written by Tyler
In this episode we find Robin and the gang, )well all except for Karasuma since she has been captured) in "The Factory". They have realized that the attaack has begun and they need to find a way out before the building is destroyed. Michael figures out how to get a broken elivator operational and sends two of the STNJ in for a ride. Robin and Amon go look for Zaizen. Once Robin and Amon find him he playes a video of hidden data that he has been decrypting, and the man describes how witches are superior to humans. Zaizen becomes hystarical and tells his scientist to destroy all the data, but the scientist is stoped by Karasuma. Zaizen then shoots Amon in the shoulder with his "new orbo" and then aims for Robin. The new orbo has serious side effects and he cant handle it, he manages to get into a small elivator and he is never seen again. Robin realizes that the orbo is made of the witches they have hunted and then they make a run to get out of the building. Sakaki, Michael, Karasuma, and Dojima make it out but Robin and Amon are thought to have been killed when hte building collapsed. The STNJ is then back at work with a new leader Cheif Kosaki, and fades off into darkenss.

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Time to Tell. Written by Yumi
Robin figures out that she is a witch project called the "Demon Child" and they find that Dojima is a spy for STN-J.Robin eventally meets Amon again.

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