Episode 4 - Stubborn Aesthetics Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 4 - Stubborn Aesthetics. Written by JeSs
One morning at stnj when Amon came in he put a peir of glasses in frunt of Robin because he thought her eye site was bad.Robin didn't think so, but she kept them enyway. The next morning Robin was walking throught a park to a chruch to pray. When she walks back she look at a girl painting a picture of part of the park.Robin tells her she like the painting and walks of.At stnj Robin is looking throught old cases and finds one that happened a bit before Rodin came that happen in the same park Robin walks in every morning. When Robin and a women from her work are walking throught the park Robin sees the girl and they split up to look around. Robin went to ask the girl some questions. Went Robin got there, there were alot of crows above. Then the girl started to rip the crows apart with her mind, but when Robin grabed her and toled her to stop, Rodin nocked over the canves and the girl start to muter something and Robin ran behind a tree and the girl started to attack with a her mind and it was taking chucks out of the tree. Robin then lit the canves on fire and that made the girl angery and attack with more streght then before. Then Robin remembered the glasses. She got them out of her pocket put them on then lit the girls arms on fire, then Robin's friend came and shot the girl. They put her in a truck and drove away. The last shot is of Robin holding the glasses Amon gave her. THE END

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Episode Summary for Episode 4 - Stubborn Aesthetics. Written by Zander414
The episode starts with Robin praying. Then as she is going home she meets a girl who is painting a picture they talk a little and then Robin goes back to the stnj and Amon gives her a pair of glasses. Robin says her eyes are fine but Amon tells her to wear them. Next she is told to look through case files. In the files she finds a picture of the park she walked through on her way back to the stnj. She asks about the case and is told it was never solved and that the case is closed she decides that she and Karasuma should go and take a look to make sure nothing was missed when the police cleaned up the place. Robin sees the girl that was painting the picture earlier and is once again painting. The girl is talking to the crows and Robin pushes her and says "stop" the girl gets up and repeatedly says "you soiled you soiled" Robin is behind a tree and the girl is attacking her with an unknow power. She thinks there is no way she will escape because she keeps missing with her fire attacks. Then she rememers the glasses that Amon had given her she puts them on and shoots fire at the witch. Then they show the girl being locked up and put in a truck and Robin starts talking about how sorry she feels for the victims. And thats how the show ends.

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Episode Summary for Episode 4 - Stubborn Aesthetics. Written by Robinluver
The episode begins with Robin in a church praying. Than she is walking back through a park by her house. She meets a girl whos painting a picture. Robin says she likes it and they begin to talk. Next there at the Stnj headquarters. Amon gives Robin a pair of glasses. Robin says her eyes are fine. Amon disagreeies. Next Robin is made to go over some files. She comes across a picture thats within the park she walks through. Robin and the telepath lady decide to take a look at the park. They look around and find nothing. Then Robin walks off to go see the girl who was sitting in the trees. The telepath lady finds a crow thats been ripped to shreds and touches it see the girl who Robin went to see. Robin walks up behind the girl. The girl is whispering towards the birds. Robin pushes her and tells her to stop it. Then the girl starts saying You soiled you soiled over and over and attacks robin with an unknown power. Robin is stuck behind a tree. The telepath lady says we cant fight this with the "orbo". Robin than attacks the girl but misses and hits the girls painting and the girl gets enraged. Robin then puts the glasses on and attacks the girl again hitting the girls hands. Amon and the rookie show up and shoot the girl. Then it shows them locking the girl up and putting her in the back of a truck. The rookie says he fells sorry for the people who were killed just for obstucting a person scene they were painting.

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Episode Summary for Episode 4 - Stubborn Aesthetics. Written by Jason
In this episode we see Robin still trying to Follow up with Amon, The Chief has asked Robin to read up on passed unsolved Crimes in the area, When Robin comes across a case in which she had walked thru that Park. With Miho Karasuma Robin remembers talking with a young Artist, Robin decideds for some reason to go talk to this Young Woman she had seen early, Thats when Robin discover a terrible truth this young Artist is in fact a Craft User, Her power has never been labeled but Robin see the User try and kill a Raven, using her Glasses That she had gotten From Amon, she is able to Set the Users Arms on Fire, and the Rest of the Hunters take the Craft User Down.

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