Episode 5 - Smells Like the Wandering Spirit Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Smells Like the Wandering Spirit . Written by Inu Amon
This epsiode starts out with Amon and Robin driving back fron the Robin's eye exam. When they got back, robin finds her vesta (moto-bike) and she asked amon what his power was , amon refuse to answer her. Then it shows Sasaki and dojima searching in a homeless people place for a witch (no idea how to spell his name), and they found a box filled with photos of one's family then Sasaki and dojima finds a dude holding his head like he is scared of something, Sasaki thought he was a witch sohe went after him (speedy!!!) and cased him on to a street and the dude ran in front of a car and died. amon brings up a witch called single eye for mike to do a search on and it told hin that they make people be totally afrid. meanwhile sasaki goes to a park and finds another person holding his head like he is scared of something and he calls amon and the other and met sasaki there and anom got he dude and elbowed him so he faints. than they smelled olives just like before. so amon tells the gang to go back to the homeless people place and found the box that had the photos all gone and the person that looks like he is in charge of this place bumps (really bumps) robin and said sorry and that one of his eye is messed up. Then sasaki was holding his head like he is scared of something, and robin puts her hands around his neck and he calms down. (than comes nothing inportant). "than" it shows amon sitting in harry's and robin goes to join him and she asked him 3 questions "how did u know that the person would go back and pick up the photos of his family?", "do u have a family?" and "how did u know that the smell of olives came fron a witch named single eye?" (e-mail me to find out the answers) that harry told robin that the witch "single eye" has 2 eyes but can only use 1. then robin realize thatthe man that bumped into her was a witch

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Smells Like the Wandering Spirit . Written by Zander414
This episode starts with Robin and Amon driving back from the eye doctor. They talk about her eye glasses and about whether she will use them and she agrees that she will. Later on they get a lead on a witch that supposedly controlls peoples minds. They decide to investigate a homeless shelter and Sakaki sees a man who appears to be haveing some sort of head problem because he is shakeing and holding his head so Sakaki asks if he is ok but as Sakaki walks over to hime the man runs. Sakaki gives chase but the man runs into the road and is hit by a truck. After more investigation they realize that around the scene of all these incidents there is the smell of olives. An odd man bumps into Robin and says " Sorry my right eye doesnt work as well as my left". Later Robin goes to a local bar where the bar tender tells her a story about a witch named singleye who only see's out of one eye. Robin realizes that the odd man was the witch they were hunting but by now it is to late and the man has left town.

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Smells Like the Wandering Spirit . Written by nellie girl
The opening scene begins with Amon driving his car and Robins is in the back seat of the car holding up glasses to her face. She begins to move the glasses away from her face and then back as to judge whether or not her vision is better with or with out them. Amon and Robin arrive back at STNJ and learn of Robin?s vespa arriving from the monastery. Amon makes a comment about whether or not Robin will wear her glasses. Robin looks a little down and replies that it?s my body wouldn?t I know if there is something wrong with it? Amon, in his less than warm attitude, tells her that the doctor said if she continues to use her power to the max her eye sight will weaken. Robin then tell Amon that she will wear the glasses. Robin then gets a little hopeful and ask Amon if she wears the glasses will he treat her like his partner. Amon said that he treats her like every one else, however; there is an underlying tension between the two. Inside STNJ the team gets a lead on potential witch that has now been seen in a homeless shelter. Haruto Sakaki and Miho go down to investigate at the homeless shelter when then encounter the suspected witch. The suspected man seems to be having a major anxiety attack. Haruto Sakaki approaches the man, but the man flees in terror. Sakaki pursues the man from the subway station (the homeless shelter) to the above ground. Dojima and Haruto are close behind. Haruto Sakaki gets to the man first and tries to talk to him, but the guy starts edging way toward the street. Haruto Sakaki tries to talk to the man but to no avail the guy jumps into the street and is ran over by a truck. Back at STNJ Amon is in a meeting Takuma Zaizen the leader of STNJ. Takuma tells Amon that he is responsible for Robin, and that the man that was killed did not have the witch gene when he was examined at the factory. Amon then looks down through a window and sees Haruto being reprimanded Chief Kosaka. Amon then says the witch is still out there. The scene then changes to the conference room where Haruto Sakaki is being reprimand and you can hear him say he is sorry. Then Chief Kosaka replies well being sorry is not enough. The STNJ gang then is in the conference room talking about past cases that has similarities. Dojima and Haruto said that when they were at the homeless shelter looking for the witch they smelled olives. Miho makes a comment about sensing immense sorrow and then smelling the scent of olives in the air on one of the old cases she had worked before. Michael than starts digging way on the computer for old cases with the similarity of the scent of olives but comes up with nothing. A while later Amon come back to STNJ and says that they should be looking for a witch called ?One Eye.? That he is the one controlling peoples minds by digging into peoples fears and amplifying them. The scene changes and we see Haruto revisiting the homeless shelter when a man comes up and introduces himself to Haruto. He tells Haruto that he is familiar with most of the people that live down in the shelter. Haruto shows a picture of the man the guy tell Haruto that he does not look familiar but there are more individual up the way. Haruto takes off and encounters another man that look like he is having an anxiety attack. He quickly calls Amon and tells them to get down here. A chase ensues and Amon saves the guy. The team is now at the homeless shelter in the subway station looking for more information. Robin is looking at something when she is bumped into by the same man that was talking to Haruto early. He says he is sorry that he only has one good eye to see out of. He quickly excuses himself and leaves. Next thing we no Haruto starts grabbing his head and looks like he is having an anxiety attack. The entire team looks worried but Robin quickly puts her arms around Haruto and says it will be all right. Every thing will be okay. It seems to work. The scene changes and Robin walks into Harry?s and sees Amon at the bar and walks over to join him. Robin asks Amon how he knew how to look for a witch called ?One Eye.? Amon says to ask the person who just served them there drinks. Harry (or the bar tender) tells Robin that ?One Eye,? is a literally what it means. The witch only has one eye to see and has a fake one, however; he can control and intensify people fears. Robin then jumps out of her chair and says ?it was him.?

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Episode Summary for Episode 5 - Smells Like the Wandering Spirit . Written by Allison pope
It first takes place when Robin and Amon are heading back from getting a checkup from the eye doctor. Then Robin and Karasuma go to a shelter type place and Robin and Karasuma look around.While Sakaki is looking around at another shelter he and Dojima find a big box like a bed full of pictures.Then Dojima smelled olives and then Sakaki saw that a guy was holding his head and making noises like he was terrified of something.Then he starts to run and so does Sakaki and then the guy runs into the road and its over. Then Robin,Dojima,and Karasuma go back to the place where the guy was killed and met a guy when he ran into Robin and he said "Sorry i my right eye does not work as well as my left.Then Sakaki gets the same terrified actions and the other guy so Robin calms him down and the leave.And then she goes to a resturant and finds Amon they talked for a moment.Then the bartender said "This witch had a bad right eye."And Robin looked up and said"You mean he was the one?!"

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