Episode 6 - Raindrops Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 6 - Raindrops. Written by polkadotbikini
The show begins with Robin practicing her craft in a long tunnel-type thing (it looks sorts like a subway, but there are no poeple or trains-thingies.). The tunnel is lined up with candles and Robin lights all of them with ease. Meanwhile, Amon and the members of STN-J are watching her through a camera connected to Michael's computer. Amon says to tell Robin that she can go home. On Robin's way home her vespa runs out of gas and it starts to rain. A lady gives her a ride home and talks to her about the kds these days and how she's on her way to give a girl a piece of her mind because she never shows up for work and wonders why the girl doesnt just quit. The lady drops Robin off at her house and gives her an umbrella. She also gives Robin her buisness card and says that Robin can return it to her anytime. Next it shows a building and two voices are speaking. The lady shows up at the girl's house and lectures her. Then the lady stops suddenly and claims she hears something but the girl is right next to her and there is no one in the house but the two of them. The lady is driving in her car when she hears something and adjusts her rear view mirror and sees something in the back seat. The next thing you see is the lady's car swerving in and out of the lane and then there's an explosion. Meanwhile, Robin is sitting at the table with Touko, waiting for the tea kettle to boil. The burner on the stove turns off, and Robin uses her craft to turn it back on. Touko lectures her on how it gets on her neerves and tells her to stop using it. The next day Robin shows up for work with a container of gas and asks the man at the gate if she can leave it with him until she's finished work so that she can go get her vespa. He takes it from her to tuck it away until she needs it and while he is doing so, Robin spots the newspaper on his table. It reports on the accident the lady was in the other night. The next thing the man knows, Robin is running off with the newspaper. She asks Michael if her can do some resaerch on the woman in the newspaper and asks Amon to come with her to get her vespa. While Robin and Amon are in the car, Robin asks Amon to take her somewhere else. Next you see Robin and Amon at the scene of the car crash, greeting Miho, who was apparently off for the day trying to get some rest. Robin asks Miho if she can sense anything about the woman and Miho responds by mentioning something about the lady feeling great shock, or surprise, but is not sure what it was caused from. Robin and Amon go back to the car and Amon says that they can go get her vespa now, but Robin remembers that she forgot the gas that she left with the man at the gates. Robin returns to the STN-J building to retrieve the gas, but the man tells her that Michael said to tell Robin when she returns, to meet him in the office. Robin and the gang are all in the office, and Michael is giving Robin informatoin on the woman. She asks him to see what he can find on the girl that the lady was on her way to lecture. Michael finds info on the girl, and say that her boyfriend had died from bleeding to death, and his wounds were ones similar to the ones the lady had, but the girl had a solid alibi for that death as well. The boss discovers all the STN-J members in the office and they get into trouble for being in the office, and how doing research on something non-related to witches was abuse of power. Robin and Amon go to investigate the girl's house and they notice how the girl didn't seem sad about the death of her boss and how she acted strangely. Amon visits the girl's house agian later on. He finds a room and notes how it was filled with dolls. The girl was not home at the time, but when Amon leaves, one of the dolls tell the girl of his visit. Amon is attacked in his car by one of the dolls with a knife (creepy). Amon is unharmed, but the doll escapes. Meanwhile Robin visits the girl's house and find the room full of dolls as well. She hears something and turns around to see the same doll that attacked Amon behind her. She sets the doll on fire, and the other dolls swarm around her. They tell the girl to kill Robin before she get away and the knife drifts uop into the air infont of her. The girl is about to take the knife when she is shot with the Orbo gun, by Amon. He tells Robin to set the dolls on fire and inform her that they are part of a witch (wheter the girl that the dolls belonged to was a witch, I'm not sure.). Robin does what she is told successfully and the dolls fall to the ground, setting the floor on fire. Amon, Robin, and the girl escape safely, but the girl runs back into the house in an effort to save the dolls, but to no avail. The next day, the dolls are counted up and the total is 49, although Amon reported that there were 50.

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Episode Summary for Episode 6 - Raindrops. Written by Zander414
In this episode Robin is on her way back to the stnj when she runs out of gas. A woman who is driveing by offers to give her a ride. The woman drives Robin to her destination and gives her a buisness card and an umbrella. The next scene is the woman talking to a young girl who works for her. She tells the girl she must be more responsible and show up to work on time. On her way home the woman gets into a car crash and dies. Robin suspects that it is the work of a witch and not just coinceadence. After investigation Robin and Amon go to the young girls house to question her. The girl shows very little emotion which makes Robin suspicious. On his way back to the stnj Amon is attacked in his car by a doll. Later Amon and Robin go back to the girls house and get attacked by a bunch of dolls. Robin burns all the dolls thus rendering the girl powerless. And i believe the girl dies although i may be wrong. Anyway after a count of the dolls they relize one is missing. In the next scene Robin drops the womans buisness card into the river and watches it float away. The end

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Episode Summary for Episode 6 - Raindrops. Written by Robin Sena
When Robin becomes stranded in the middle of nowhere after her Vespa runs out of gas, a kind woman stops and picks her up so she won?t have to walk in the rain. She lets Robin borrow her umbrella and gives her, her business card, telling her that she can return it to her whenever she wants.
She then goes to her subordinate?s house to lecture her about not showing up for work. On her way home, she gets into a terrible accident. Robin is curious about the accident, and in the course of satisfying her curiosity, she and Amon discover that it was a witch who caused her death. Will Amon and Robin become her next victim?

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Episode Summary for Episode 6 - Raindrops. Written by nellie girl
The scene opens up with Robin standing in the middle of a run down subway station wearing her glasses. Suddenly Robin turn her head as if something is sneaking up on her and her eyes ignite a row of candle that placed on the tracks for as long as the eye can see. Robin turns around and ignites all of the candles on both side of the track. When the all the candle where lit she stops and smile. Next we see a camera watching Robin in the subway station. The scene changes and we see the team members of STNJ watch the computer screen as Michael tells them the stats on Robin results. Her aim and accuracy has improved to 98%. Amon tells Michael to come back, but she asks if she could continue to target practice. Amon has a gloating look on his face when he replies tell her not to over do it. Next thing we see is Robin sitting on her vespa on the side of the road. She glances down at the gas gage and it is one empty. She says to herself that I thought had more gas then that. And of all the luck the it starts to rain and Robin is all by herself on the edge of the road. That is until a car comes down the road and stops. The scene then shows Robin in the car with the lady. They have a conversion in the car about how it is not safe her young ladies to be out in this part of town. The lady continues on talking about how this girl who works for her missed work again and did not call. The lady says something to the effect that if you want to be apart of the world and left the world know that you are there you need to interact and accomplish something. Else you fade into nothing. Robin agrees with the lady?s theory and that astonishes her. The car pulls to the side of the road now that they are in the city. Robin is about to get out of the car when the lady gives her, her umbrella and tells Robin to use it. She gives Robin her card and tells her that she can return the umbrella when ever she feels like it. Robin thanks the lady and get out of the car and start walking back to her apartment. Then the scene changes and we see a small apart of an individual. It does not show any one but you can hear voices talking. They say something to the effect of, we will not let anything bad happen to you. If any one makes you upset we will deal with them. Then there is a knock at the door. We see the entrance of the apartment and shoes on the floor. We continue to hear voices but we are able to see who is talking. It is the lady that gave Robin ride earlier leaning against the table and a young girl washing dishes. The lady is asking the young girl why she did not show up to work today. The young girl said that it is because she is boring with the work she is doing. The lady gets frustrated with the young girl and explains that if she is not responsible with the boring work she will never get the exciting tasks. The young girl makes no reply and the lady grabs her. In the process a dish breaks. The lady continues to discipline the girl why aren?t you listening to me and washing these dishes. The girl responds that I thought it would be rude if I left them dirty with company. The lady bends over to pick up the broken dish when we see just past her a door open and a noise. The lady stops and asks ?what was that?? The young girl look a little surprised and says ?heard what?? The lady then is seen leaving the apartment and entering her car. As the lady drives away we hear a voice saying something although we don?t see what attacks her we just see her lose control of her car and crashes killing her. Robin is back at her apartment sitting on the couch with a towel over head when she hears something and she ignites fire which startles Touko Masaki. She scolds Robin about using her powers. The next day Robin is walking into STNJ when she stops to talk to the guy at the entrance. Robin sees the newspaper and the headline article about a car accident and then a picture of the lady that gave her a ride yesterday. Robin grabs the newspaper and runs off yelling ?I am going to borrow this.? Inside STNJ Robin looks down and the team asks if there is anything wrong she does not say anything. She turn away and see Amon walking in, and then she utters his name and walks toward him. ?Amon I need you to take me to get my Vespa,? says Robin and half drags Amon out of STNJ. In the car Amon is telling Robin that this is the only time he will give her a ride to get her vespa so don?t let is happen again. Robin then requests that Amon takes her to the site of a car crash. Robin then starts calling Karasuma. They are at the site of the car crash when Karasuma runs up and ask what is going on. Robin asks for Karasuma to sense what killed the lady. Karasuma then gets upset with Robins saying I have been at work all night and now you call me to investigate this car crash. Karasuma tells Robin how childish and that this in not the way to try to use her power this way. Amon calls Karasuma off Robin and tell her that we get the ideas it was childish it will never happen again. Karasuma tells them what she senses and then leaves. This only makes Robin more curious. Her and Amon go back to the apartment of the young girl and ask questions the lady. The young girl then gets upset and tells them that she has to go to work. Amon and Robin are back in the car when Amon offers to pick up Robin?s vespa, however; Robin then realizes that she left the gas can back at STNJ. Back at STNJ Amon asks Michael to look up the girls history. They find out that the girl had an ancestor that was a witch. Amon than goes back to the young girl apartment but there is no one there. Amon then goes into the girl bed room. There is a collection of dolls in the room and Amon thinks he hears something but dismisses it. He leaves and goes back to his car. While he is driving Amon hears ?this is unforgivable.? He then sees this doll holding a knife trying to kill him. Amon stops his car and gets out and starts looking for the doll. He draws his gun and open the back set of the car and notices that the other door is open. The scene changes, Robin is back at the apartment and notices that the door is open. She walks in and says in any one there. Robin investigates the apartment and goes into the bedroom she also notices the dolls. Robin admires them and then leaves the bedroom, however; as she leaves she gets attacked by the same doll. Robin then takes her glasses out of her pocket and puts them on. Robin uses her power to burn the attacking doll but as soon as she does all of the dolls from the room appear and so does the young girl. The dolls are all chanting ?kill her, vengeance us.? Suddenly Amon is there and yells to Robin to burn all the dolls because they control the witch. Robins eyes widen and all the dolls burn. Robin runs outside to Amon and then they both look inside the apartment they see the young girl try and rescue that dolls but is consumed in the flames. Robin tries to help her but Amon tells her that there is nothing she can do. Later on Robin is standing on a bridge in the rain with the umbrella the lady had given her. We see that she is holding a card and is talking about the lady. She then let the card fall into the river and watches it float away. As she looks up she see Amon and Touko Masaki walking together in the rain. Robin watches at a distance then leaves.

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