Episode 7 - Simple Mind Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 7 - Simple Mind. Written by Zander414
This episode begins with Robin asking her roomate if she is dateing Amon. Robin doesnt recieve a direct anwser. Later a car is pulled from a reck and the driver had recently stolen 20 million yen. They suspect the work of a witch. Next they go to the house of a suspect who is not home at the moment. They go to leave but then they ( Robin, Karasuma, and Sakaki) hear a car start and speed away. In the car is the man they wish to question and his nephew. This is all the proof they need to classify the man as a witch. The uncle gives his nephew some applejuice that is laced with some sort of sleeping potion/pill. The man plans to crush the car with his nephew inside. The stnj gets to the crushing site just before the child is killed. They get him out and send him to the hospital. After he recovers he runs from the hospital in search of his uncle. He finds his uncle at an old house next to an old train station. The child says "why did you try to kill me uncle" the uncle is frightend and runs between two old train cars. This is where the twist in the story takes place. The boy uses his phycic power to crush his uncle between the train cars. The stnj members arive and the boy just gives up and says " But im only a little boy" next they show him being carted off into a truck. And then it fades to the credits

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Episode Summary for Episode 7 - Simple Mind. Written by danielle minnerly
Robin?s curiosity gets the best of her and she asks Touko about her relationship with Amon ? are they seeing each other? Touko replies yeah, right? A wrecked car is pulled out of the water. The driver was Ryouji Kasai, 32 years old. He was notorious for stealing 20 million yen last month, and many of the serial numbers of Kasai?s money matched that missing. He had been working for a cash in transit firm until three months before the incident. The police take over the investigation from there. The culprit appears to be Tsuneo Tazawa, 37 years old. Doujima and Karasuma decide to go to his place to investigate but find no one home. They hear a car start and drive away outside and decide to follow. Unfortunately, Tazawa is one up on them and is able to crush their car, as they narrowly escape. Meanwhile, Robin and Sakaki try to prevent a car crusher at a junk shop to stop crushing Tazawa?s car. There is a kid inside the car. Tazawa put him to sleep before he tried to kill him. STN-J speculates the motive for the recent events. They hypothesize that witches demonstrate their ability to either threaten others or because they are mentally unstable and can?t control the power. Both men involved in the robbery had gambling debts, so maybe Tazawa snapped and decided to take all the money for himself. The boy found in the car was Mamoru Kudou, 7 years old. His parents died and his uncle, Tazawa, had custody of the boy for the last six months. A neighbor lady of Tazawa also mentions that Mamoru had the ability to bend spoons. Suddenly things begin to make more sense. Tazawa isn?t the witch, Mamoru is. Unfortunately, when they go back to the hospital to find the boy, he?s missing. Tazawa returns to the place where the stolen money had been stashed. He is chased by the police, but Mamoru shows up and destroys the police cars. He then confronts his uncle. He and Mr. Kasai were trying to steal his money. He then accuses his uncle of trying to kill him and attempts to kill his uncle by smashing two train cars together. STN-J appears and capture the kid.

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