Episode 8 - Faith Episode Summary

Episode Summary for Episode 8 - Faith. Written by Zander414
This episode starts off with two men takeing a man away somewhere againt his own free will. Later they show the same two men at a hospital the one man is a docter and the other man is his assistant. The doctor does a mirical cure on a young child who is close to death. Later the stnj learns that the man is sucking the life out of criminals and useing it to save patients. The stnj decides that even though his cause is noble he is still a witch who must be hunted. They chase him into a warehouse and Sakaki is jumped by the two men who begin draining Sakaki of life. Help comes soon for Sakaki and Robin chases the doctor to the top floor. She has him cornerd until the mans partner jumps down from a construction beam and colapses the entire top floor that they are on. They are all hanging from a single beam that may collapse at any moment. The assistant dies but the doctor uses his power to kill himself and save his assistant because he is his best friend. The doctors last words are " make sure the girl is ok" that is how the episode ends they never do explain how Robin gets down.

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Episode Summary for Episode 8 - Faith. Written by eva
a rainy arternoon a lone man walks down an ally only not to be alone at all. When he confrounted the man in which is following him and asks for change a man who was in assosation with the other came behind and the man was taken away. In room 301 in a local hospitail a small child lays in a bed close to death the strange man from the ally is laying on the next bed over. As the doctor the same men from the ally preforms what is not known yet but to him and his partner as a power given to the choosen ones but what is sure to be witch craft. Far from the hospital in the cafe robin sits coffing as the kind waiter gives her a cup of tea and the adress to the same hospital as the strange doctors and the man from the ally. at the hospital she is given an antibotic and sent back only to be called to a meeting. But back in the hospital the same small girl is doing better but her sister like her was too ill but will the doctor save her with his powers?? Back at the meeting a witch has been killed the same one from the ally. As the team looks deeper they find links and it all traces back to the doctors from the hospital. As the team heads out so do the doctors. The doctors find there next donator for the younge girls sister. But soon the team catches up with the doctors in an building under counstruction. As Sakakie and Robin are sent inside. Sakakie is attaked by the doctors as they try to do there magic the orbo protces Sakakie. As Robin follows the doctors to the roof she is attaked. she is left to an a broken beam unsteady and about to break. One doctoris left dead the other comming to his sencess about his powers and gives in to the fact he is a witch. As he lookes at his friend dead and lifeless he cluches to his cheast and that of his friends and gives his own life to his friend in the debt that he would save the younge girl back at the hospitail. Robin is left with with only a small wound to her arm. And as they leave the hospital the sight of the two younge girls healthy and well is to know that the destiony for the doctor was fufilled.

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