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Spoilers about: Amon and Nagira

Spoiler Involves:Amon and Nagira

Spoiler Details:Amon and Nagira, feh, what a couple of opposites huh? Well, I suppose that's ok considering the two of them grew up together. Ah, how special is that right? Think they were just childhood friends? Guess again. The two of them are half brothers. Amon's mother married Nagira's father. One big happy family? Right... Again, it turns out, as if this wasn't a big shocker, Amon's mother was a witch! MEANING...Poor witch hunter Amon has the bad ol' witch blood in him. Ooo... Of course he's all upset. (As usual) And this episode where we find this little tid bit out (Sypathy For The Devil), Amon smiles, he actaully smiles! Amon: But it didn't matter, as long as she was there for me, I was happy. (SMILE!) ^-^ Any who, this episode, a bit of a shocker, and a bit of a tear jerker does explain this so yeah. I'm assuming no one has done a spoiler to them two yet...

Submitted by Rebecca

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