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Spoilers about: Amon & Touko (LONG spoiler!)

Spoiler Involves:Amon & Touko (LONG spoiler!)

Spoiler Details:For those of you who don't know, Amon and Touko have pre-existing realtionship. That's right! In episode 6, Robin sees Amon and Touko walking across a bridge in the rain, late in the evening. Later on, Robin asks Touko whether she and Amon were "lovers", but Touko does give an exact response. Around episode 10, Robin goes to work at Harry's, udercover, while Amon stays in the car. A bit in the episode, there's a scene where Touko's on the phone. At first you're not really sure who shes talking to, because you don't see the caller, but then you realize it's Amon on his cell! He says, in sort of a disapointed, yet dreamy voice that he's been thinking of her alot lately, (awww...) but then he drops the bomb; "I don't think we should see each other anymore", he sighs. Then, you can hear Touko asking question - but not all of it. It starts off like "Can I ask you one thing? Do you - ?" Of course, you can tell that she ment to say, do you love me, but the next scene is the most important! You can see Amon through the car window ... you can't HEAR him, but I can lip read, and it seemed as though he said "Of course not". Pretty sad, huh? Not really ... depends on the way you look at it ... maybe he'll find a new lady love ... *HINT HINT* -Hope you enjoyed my spoiler -TaInTeD ;)

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